Out of Season – Millslade Country House
Duck Lives
September 2, 2019

So what has been happening at Millslade since our last post? Well quite a lot really. We had our bat survey done, which revealed we have fiveish types of bat: common pipistrelle, soprano pipistrelle, myotis species (difficult to differentiate on call alone), noctule and serotine. Not a ground breaking set of species but we’re happy to know we have a healthy population and would like to thank the Devon Wildlife Trust for their help in identifying our inhabitants.

After the torrid duck episodes of last year, we have taken delivery of three more cayuga ducks from Darren and Sophie at The Black Venus, Challacombe, bringing our flock to six. We also have three new chickens, courtesy of Dave and Kim (and randy cockerel Mr. Beakles, a rare breed Golden Campine!), known collectively as the raptors on account of their over-exuberant pecking and flighty nature. They are beginning to settle down a little now but gloves are essential when hand feeding! All our new additions are laying for England at present as are the older girls (apart from dear Hetty who has been pensioned off and is enjoying her retirement). Not surprisingly, in view of the predicament we are all enduring at the moment, we have something of an egg glut despite our daily inflated intake. We have eggs for sale at the garden gate if anyone is passing and in need.

Our second major refurbishment in as many years has almost been completed but has now come to a halt due to the covid virus. Obviously, this is a slight frustration for all involved but we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who worked like troopers in what has been one of the wettest, muddiest, dullest, foulest winters on record. We look forward to the time when everything can be completed and we are able to welcome guests back to enjoy the beautiful new ground floor. Anna has posted pictures of the work in progress, which can be seen on the refurbishment tab. We are mightily excited by it all and can’t wait to show it off!

So that was us out of season and now we are left to contemplate when our next season might be. We are keeping busy while the country is in lock down, digging and extending the vegetable patch, renovating benches and doing odd jobs that we have been meaning to do for the last four years. As Anna says, we will never have our garden looking as good again as it will this year! So to all our lovely guests and followers, keep safe and we look forward to seeing you all again when the time comes.

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