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May 20, 2019
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September 2, 2019

Boutique is a description that has become ubiquitous when describing places to stay. Lynton and Lynmouth have their fair share of so called boutique establishments, which, twenty years ago would have carried monikers such as ‘smart’ or ‘comfortable’ or even ‘individual’. We’re not fans of the boutique banner because many places that claim to be boutique simply aren’t. However, following our major refurbishment, descriptors are necessary to try to convey what a fabulous transformation Millslade has undergone.

So are we boutique? If you take the dictionary definition as small, sophisticated and stylish then Millslade definitely fulfils these parameters, with the qualification that small only refers to the number of rooms we have and certainly not the size of the rooms. Indeed, one guest suggested that the bathroom was bigger than some hotel rooms that they had stayed in!

How about luxurious, another misappropriated description hotels and bed and breakfasts like to use? Ultimately, whether something is luxurious is very much a personal opinion: our linen is high quality; our choice of mattresses offer total comfort; our new carpets and decor are undoubtedly tasteful; en suite facilities are modern and refined. Therefore, it seems fair to say that Millslade is luxurious.

Are we ‘shabby chic’? A short answer to this one: chic yes, shabby no!

Welcoming? Again, this can be answered quickly – take a look at our reviews page both on the website and on Tripadvisor to get a taste of what to expect.

Ideally situated? If you are looking for tranquility, in beautiful countryside, close to Lynton, Lynmouth, Porlock and the rest of Exmoor’s attractions, without the hassle of finding or paying for parking overnight and with good pubs within easy walking distance (two whole minutes away), then yes we are ideally situated.

I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect from Millslade since its refurbishment. It really is transformed and we’d love to welcome you and get your opinion of our boutique, luxurious, chic, welcoming and ideally situated bed and breakfast!

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